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Click on any of the blue links to connect to a site. To join a channel type eg: /join #AussieTrivia

Trivia Locations


#AussieTrivia a fun BogusTrivia bot with KAOS.


#TriviaLegends with varied questions

and best stats kept.

16 hours a day.

#ClicheTrivia Easy fun with cliches.

16 hours a day.

#TriviaBlitz a seriously fast trivia with big points.

16 hours a day.

#TriviaGold a channel to rake in bonuses,

mega bonuses and jackpots.

16 hours a day.

#TigerTrivia with monthly Time,

Row, and WPM stats.

16 hours a day.

Darkmyst link -

When using the link type #Aussietrivia or the

name of the channel you want in place of #Darkmyst

Server -

TrivialityZone is a great site with arcade games, many chat channels and of course Trivia.

The server is

Trivialityzone IRC links.

#AussieTrivia a fun BogusTrivia Bot with KAOS.



Fun clichés with Dragon_Fire.

16 hours a day.

This link takes you to the TrivialityZone website with arcade games and more! 


#AussieTrivia with a Trivia bot that has points that continue to increase for each correct answer. The more in a row, the higher points go!


After connecting just type /join and the name of

the trivia channel. eg: #AussieTrivia



This bot has also been known as Countdown.

Server -

All channels are safe places to play with no swearing

and no abuse rules.

Helpful volunteers are signed in to moderate.

Have fun! :D

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